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Presented by HealthFusion Inc. and Transworld Systems Inc.

How does your practice compare to other practices when it comes to cash flow and collections?

 In this webinar, you’ll be able to compare your practice’s collections tactics to those of practices nationwide. Find out how your practice measures up in areas including:

  • Setting payment expectations
  • Front and back office billing processes
  • Patient payment follow up
  • Using a collection agency
  • And much more

You’ll learn how your practice compares on when payment is collected, percentage charged by collection agency, and more. Don’t miss your opportunity to learn how your practice’s collection efforts measure up to other practicesand how you can improve your resultsin this free webinar.

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Angie_Slayton_TW_SmallerAngie Slayton, Director of Marketing with Transworld Systems, has 20+ years of entrepreneurial and corporate business experience, including medical practice management. She develops and leads implementation of the corporate marketing strategy for Transworld Systems, Transworld Systems Commercial Division and TSI Healthcare.

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